National Fragrance Week

In March, the perfume industry celebrates National Fragrance Week, an initiative begun in 2016 by The Fragrance Foundation. All types of companies who work with fragrance will come together in an effort to enhance the profile of perfume, scent, and smell in our day-to-day lives. The aim is to create a fresh thrill around the world of fragrance, inviting consumers to learn more about how perfumes are designed, made, and produced, and to take an interest in scent as an important and versatile part of fashion and self-representation.

National Fragrance Week is exciting to us at The Aroma Company because we are also dedicated to boosting the visibility of fragrance. The week’s events will enable people to appreciate the power of scent in a great new way, with the help of the unique insight of industry professionals. Consumers will learn how closely connected our sense of smell is with emotional response, and how our reactions to aroma are not premeditated, making fragrance an extremely real and powerful emotional stimulus. To explore this very idea, The Fragrance Foundation have created a #ScentMemories page online, where we can come together and relate our own experiences of scent, the memories it evokes, and what a particular aroma makes us think about ( For Lizzie Ostrom, author of the recent and fascinating Perfume: A Century Scents, the smell of Sun Maid raisins instantly conjures up happy childhood memories. Are there any fragrances that transport you to a special moment in your life? The effect scent has on us is undoubtedly profound, and worth exploring!

National Fragrance Week is bound to be a true celebration of scent. Our community will learn about the amazing skill of perfumers and the fantastic selection of ingredients that goes into the creation of a fragrance, and will be encouraged to delve into the world of scent, try new things, and begin to build up their own personal ‘wardrobe’ of fragrance. Smell, whether natural or purposefully blended, is everywhere, and we are excited about seeing scent and its versatility emerge as a central phenomenon in both business and leisure.

In the run up to Mother’s Day, why not explore what fragrance has to offer? You may well find something that will forever remind you, and mum, of that special day.