World Whisky Day 2018

World Whisky Day is almost upon us! On Saturday, 19th May, communities from around the world will come together to share their experiences and love of whisky in an inclusive environment, whilst newcomers will have the chance to try a dram and learn about this unique drink as part of this exciting initiative. It is about making whisky fun and enjoyable, and inviting everyone to have a taste.

Whiskey Day

As with many alcoholic beverages, aroma is important for whisky. We can tell a lot about a drink by the way it smells, and we have all seen someone swirling and sniffing red wine before tasting it. When it comes to whisky, The Aroma Company has helped to develop something particularly special: an inclusive and interactive alternative way to experience the drink. We produced ‘scratch and sniff’ fragrance cards for Scotch Whisky Experience, which are used in the Sense of Scotland room in their Edinburgh centre as part of their immersive sensory journey into the heart of Scotland’s five key regions. The cards help give visitors a true sense of each region’s identifying whisky, providing a holistic interactive way to learn about the spirit. With the combined use of visuals, commentaries, and aromas, the Scotch Whisky Experience has created a truly fascinating exhibition of the country’s most famous drink.

We have also been involved in the brand new William Grant & Sons Glenfiddich display in the Harrods Fine Wines & Spirits Rooms. Here, customers are able to browse different types of whisky by smelling through nosing tubes, thereby getting an idea of the taste of each drink by smelling its composite notes and flavours. This great innovation gives whisky the capacity to be experienced in other ways than simply with taste, and is especially useful for inexperienced customers just starting to take an interest in the drink.

So, this World Whisky Day, why not experiment with the aromas of different styles of whisky and reflect on how the scent relates to the taste? Do you know you’re going to like or dislike it before you taste it? We are very excited that the sense of smell is becoming so widely recognised as an important factor in the enjoyment of whisky of any kind, and that its contribution to the fullest experience of the spirit is being celebrated.