World Gin Day 8th June 2019

On 8th June of this year, the UK and the rest of the world celebrates World Gin Day. Events will be organised and parties thrown from London to Australia to toast one of the world’s favourite spirits. In London, as part of the London World Gin Day Festival, you can even bring a free digital pass to many of the city’s best bars for special access to special World Gin Day events, and brilliant, ginspired cocktails.

Acclaimed by many as Britain’s new favourite spirit, today’s distilleries are constantly experimenting with new blends, new methods, and new flavours of gin. What grew in popularity for its affordability in the pubs of 17th century England – during the Gin Craze, a pint of gin was cheaper than a pint of beer! – has now become a medium through which distilleries showcase their knowledge and artistry. Gin tasting events can be found in every city you go, and gin is now, in distilling terms, the height of fashion.

hendricks gin scent

It is common knowledge that the sense of smell has profound effects on the sense of taste. We’ve all experienced the lack of ability to taste that comes from having a bad cold, and how the smell of food and drink triggers a response in our taste buds well before we are actually eating or drinking.  At The Aroma Co, we help to intertwine the sense of smell into the experience of the taste of spirits, whether that be gin, whiskey, or indeed any beverage including the all-important mixers. During the publicity campaign for Beefeater Pink Gin, we used our aroma technology in VGLs printing format to help create pink, strawberry-scented corridors and escalator panels in Oxford Circus Underground Station, giving the product a truly multisensory appeal for Exterion Media on behalf of Beefeater. Elsewhere, we created ‘nosing notes’ in collaboration with Circlesquare and Diageo, pairing our very own infused ceramic sticks with a selection of Singleton whiskies to make a more interactive and fulfilling tasting experience. Where there is taste, there is smell, and we are excited to be part of bringing this fact to life in the world of the discovery and appreciation of spirits.

Bombay Sapphire are experimenting with nosing notes like never before, creating nosing cards, menus and notes with us for worldwide activations exploring the fantastic botanical world that gin opens up to us.


When saluting the sensation that is gin this June, whether it’s in a cocktail, a classic G&T, or good old ‘neat’, we encourage you to think about what you can smell, too. Without our nose, we are only getting half the story! Watch this space for more on this subject ?…..