Fragrant thoughts

How To Lift Your Mood With Scent Without Ever Leaving Your Sofa

Michelle von Mandel (a.k.a. Perfume Pervert)

It’s been a weird however many months since the first lockdown went into effect in the UK and I don’t know about you, but for me it’s been a screentime overload but sensory underload. Especially when it comes to the sense of smell. It recently occurred to me just how little olfactory stimulation I’ve had over the past, what is it, 8 months now? (What day/week/month is it?)

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Retailers, Time To Brand Your Store With A Signature Scent – Pumpkin Spice, Anyone?

It’s fall when Starbucks welcomes the change of season with new drinks and food flavors to tempt customers in. Personally, I am a coffee purist. I take it strong, dark and black. But every now and then, I want something different, in which case I will order one of their high-priced, hand-crafted concoctions whipped up by a barista, like the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the new fall Maple Pecan Latte it just announced.

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World Gin Day 8th June 2019

On 8th June of this year, the UK and the rest of the world celebrates World Gin Day. Events will be organised and parties thrown from London to Australia to toast one of the world’s favourite spirits. In London, as part of the London World Gin Day Festival, you can even bring a free digital pass to many of the city’s best bars for special access to special World Gin Day events, and brilliant, ginspired cocktails.

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The Scent of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, like many other celebrations, is a time in which people show their appreciation of each other. Given its romantic tilt, it is a time of heightened emotion and sentimentality. The scents around us during this particular period enhance these feelings and commit them to memory,

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Scents of Christmas

When does Christmas begin for you? Is it when your local town turns on the Christmas lights? When Costa and Starbucks announce the release of their seasonal spiced latte? Perhaps it’s when you hear, for the first of many times each year, the voices of Mariah Carey or Wham.

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International Jewellery London

The beginning of September this year sees the celebration of an exquisite and unique trading event: International Jewellery London. From 2nd to 4th September, the Olympia Centre in West Kensington will play host to a sparkling extravaganza of jewellery.

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