International Jewellery London

The beginning of September this year sees the celebration of an exquisite and unique trading event: International Jewellery London. From 2nd to 4th September, the Olympia Centre in West Kensington will play host to a sparkling extravaganza of jewellery. Over 520 professional jewellery companies, from the manufacturers and designers to suppliers and retailers, will flash and shine their finished products and gemstones for buyers from over 71 different countries. International Jewellery London provides an unparalleled platform for business, networking, innovation, and sheer beauty, as it has done for over 60 years.

Of course, when we think of jewellery, we don’t think of fragrance. Or do we? Increasingly, jewellers are commissioning bespoke scents for their boutiques. This helps to create an immersive consumer experience, adding that extra ingredient of freshness or spice that will contribute towards the shopper’s favourable perception of an establishment. The sense of smell is a device that is heavily underestimated in business, and therefore it is noticed all the more when utilized. When selling elegant and magnificent items of jewellery, augmenting your space with a uniquely elegant fragrance makes your brand memorable, fashionable, and graceful.

This year, we are proud to announce that we shall be present at International Jewellery London to showcase the possibilities of our diffusion technology and bespoke fragrance consultations. Creating an individual fragrance for your jewellery boutique infinitely boosts the coherence and quality of a brand aesthetic; customers can walk in, and return, to a shop, and know exactly where they are and what to expect, not just from the décor, but from the air of the place! We are excited to be able to exhibit the capacity The Aroma Company has for augmenting the ambience of a jewellery shop, making the customer experience immersive, erudite, and enjoyable. Come and see us at the show to learn about how we can add extra sparkle to your brand.