The Scent of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, like many other celebrations, is a time in which people show their appreciation of each other. Given its romantic tilt, it is a time of heightened emotion and sentimentality. The scents around us during this particular period enhance these feelings and commit them to memory, affirming that fragrance is vital to our sensory and emotional experiences. We invest in tastes, smells, and beautiful objects as a way of expressing our love for one another every day, but Valentine’s Day is when all this is heightened, and we go the extra mile. The aromas around us at this time help us create the special memories that last forever.

When we create memorable experiences and feel strong emotions, scent has a very important role to play; fragrance is all around us, all the time, and it can stir memories and feelings within us that we didn’t even realise we had. This is particularly true when thinking about times like Valentine’s Day, when the evocative power of smell heightens our emotional sensibility. It is not a sense that should be underestimated, and this can be seen in a variety of different ways. We think creating these memories and experiences should be used by today’s high street. If we were to compare the high street with online shopping, we see that shops have the opportunity to create a multisensory experience that we simply cannot replicate on a screen.

For example- when buying jewellery: we see nothing but pictures online, a jewellery store however is somewhere you go and linger, and a fragrant ambience that invites the shopper to enjoy and engage with their experience is an amazing way to add an air of luxury to the space, and create a memory of the store through something intangible. Especially around times like Valentine’s Day, jewellers can enhance the customer experience they offer with the power of smell to create a special and sentimental feeling in their clients that cannot be equalled online, a testimony to the importance of the traditional shopping experience.