We are hands on producing first ever Scented Nail Wraps for Gallo Wines!

When the lovely ladies at Sphinx Nail Wraps approached us to help them create the first ever Scented Nail Wraps for Gallo Wines, nobody realised the storm that this would create in the fashion industry. Having only just left our press the media is in a frenzy to get their hands on them.

The Aroma Company selected a fruity mix of ripe plum, blueberry and cranberry aromas to celebrate the launch of the new Gallo Merlot Rose from Gallo Family Vineyards. A funky pink design was created by Sphinx Nail Wraps, the UK’s leading Nail Wrap manufacturers, to which the wine aroma was applied.

Gallow Wine Scented Nail Wraps

Gallow Wine Scented Nail Wraps

The nail wraps favoured by Beyonce and Rihanna, are the world first to have received The Aroma Co treatment, in which scent is applied to each nail using Touch to Smell technology (an advanced version of scratch and sniff). Gentle rubbing of the nails creates a burst of fragrance, giving new meaning to a splash of Gallo Wine.

For details on how to purchase these limited editions Gallo Wine Scented Nail Wraps please visit www.sphinxnailwraps.com .