Smith & Sinclair for John Lewis

Project Details

We were so excited when Smith and Sinclair- the edible cocktail pastilles genius’ came to us to say they wanted our help to create 8 representations of their core cocktail sweet pastilles. Our perfumer team made the scent creations for Rhuby Mule, Godson, Long Island High Tea, Berry Daiquiri, Spiced Rum, Whisky Sour, Gin & Tonic and Elderflower Spritz. Smith & Sinclair sent us a few of each cocktail pastille to taste and then create the nosing blends for- one of the funnier days in the aroma co lab given that each pastille is around 7%! Not only that but they also wanted to utilise our existing aroma library to choose key individual ingredients in cocktails such as rosemary, lime and grapefruit.

The end result is an amazing fixture with the x8 representations showcasing in our push button aromabreezes for customers to engage with from a 10 second wave of fragrance, alongside a wall made up of silicone topped poparoma giving you a scent burst as well as a squidgy top to attack your nasal and touch senses!

Alongside our smelly additions, the concession showcases sight, touch, sound, and of course taste making it a multi-sensory extravaganza!  Launching 27th of October 2017

  • Client: Smith & Sinclair for John Lewis
  • Campaign: Permanent fixture in John Lewis Oxford Street Concession
  • Solution: Push Button Aromabreezes & Poparoma

See the links below for further information on the installation in various retail publications.