Tropical Treat For Your Senses

Our client TRO was tasked to build awareness of Ribena’s new tropical flavours and drive sales via a nationwide sampling campaign. They built a bright and vibrant Ribena branded

tiki hut aswell as a cool campervan and took the Caribbean vibe to the grey British streets, giving out 137k samples of Mango & Lime and Pineapple & Passion Fruit flavours. We helped them with the sensory experience by providing our aromaboxes -a nifty machine which allows you to pump out any fragrance in a space up to 200m2. If air flow is in your favour, it could take the aroma all the way down a street!

Check out this video to see it in action!

The guys here used tropical aromas to aid the sampling of the yummy Ribena tropical flavours. The use of smell is proven to enhance connection with brands and get consumers talking. This tropical bubble of taste, exciting Caribbean visuals, and tropical aromas gave passers by a stimulating assault on the senses.

This tropical tour will be memorable one for consumers…did you know people can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recalls is about 50% after only three months. Including scent in a marketing campaign could really make the difference in making your campaign stand out in this visually saturated market.

72% of consumers said the ability to smell the product was a real advantage when making a decision to purchase.

So whether you have a pop up stand like this, a shelf edge, a poster site- any space you can think of, smell can boost its earning potential. Drop us an email (see below) for more information on our aromabox – or find out about our brand new diffusing device for smaller spaces.

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