The Toast of London Fashion Week; brand story telling through aroma!

If you were given the challenge to increase the consumption of sliced bread, would you have thought of this?

To remind women what they’re missing when they skip breakfast or avoid sliced bread, the Federation of Bakers decided to leverage the hugely appetising and tempting aroma of freshly made toast. Who could resist? Not me!

Presented with this challenge (by the Federation’s agency, Red Consultancy) the Aroma Company produced an evocative Toast fragrance with bitter sweet malty base notes, dusty middle notes and top notes of yeast and a hint of caramel, all encased in beautifully labelled atomisers, as an eau de toilette.

Created by The Aroma Co: Eau de Toast.

The story doesn’t end there – presenting the perfume to models and attendees at London Fashion Week allowed the subject of breakfast and the benefits of sliced bread consumption to be discussed in a fun and healthy way, without lecturing.

Eau de Toast at London Fashion Week. Encouraging sliced bread consumption in a fun and healthy way.

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