The scented print ad that is Head and Shoulders above the rest

Anyone browsing through the January 2014 edition of Glamour magazine will come across a blue advertising insert.

So “what’s been surprising Glamour readers” and hiding behind the glossy gatefold?

What's hiding behind the glossy gatefold?

What’s hiding behind the glossy gatefold?

Head & Shoulders of course!

And what’s so special about this advert? It’s not just the anti-dandruff properties that are being highlighted, but the glorious aroma – a key product attribute that provides washed hair with an unexpected and “surprisingly good” aroma of Fresh Apples.

Opening the gatefold advert to reveal the advertiser to be Head & Shoulders.

Opening the gatefold advert to reveal the advertiser to be Head & Shoulders.

Head & Shoulders have used The Aroma Company’s Touch to Smell technology, to create an engaging advert allowing readers to sample the lovely Apple Fresh aroma. Available as a shampoo and conditioner, the fresh burst of green apple scent leaves hair irresistibly fragranced and up to 100% dandruff free (visible flakes from 2 feet with regular use).

Why choose to advertise in Glamour?

Head & shoulders conducted a product trial through Glamour’s Insiders (an exclusive online community for readers of Glamour magazine and users of , run by Glamour and its publishing company Condé Nast Publications Ltd).

91% of Glamour readers said Apple Fresh made their hair smell amazing (survey of 1,196 Glamour readers Sept 2013). Beauty bloggers have also been raving about the product’s aroma “I loved the smell of this shampoo, clean and fresh…. The apple was a refreshing change to all the mint shampoos out there.”

The reason Head & Shoulders can make hair smell so great? New “Scent Burst Technology”, a creation with higher levels of top notes that literally burst to life when they come in to contact with water.

The Aroma Company’s Touch to Smell is a modern day scratch and sniff, used to create scent solutions in print. The advert, designed by Saatch & Saatchi, needs to be touched to release the Apple Fresh fragrance. It gives the reader a perfect rendition of how their hair would smell after using the Head & Shoulders product.

Touch her hair for a scent burst experience.

Touch her hair for a scent burst experience.

The Aroma Company printed and finished the advert, before it was bound into the Glamour magazine. The Touch to Smell printing application allows the extension of the Head & Shoulders scent technology from the product, into advertising – enticing more people to try the surprisingly good smell of this hair care product.

Val Lord from The Aroma Company said “This project has been really interesting from start to finish. Ensuring that the aroma of brand is perfectly represented, to working with Saatchi & Saatchi to establish a final gatefold design that presented all the desired key brand messages. We’re really happy with the final result”.

The Aroma Company offer a full fragrance printing service. Have a printed item in mind; not just magazine advertising? Give us a call on +44 (0)1491 835510. We’d love to chat through your ideas.

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