Scents of Summer

What scents do we think of when someone says ‘summer’? Freshly cut grass; blooming lilies; sea breezes; barbecues. Many aromas that drift our way will instantly ignite our sense of summer. Perhaps because they are unique to these months, or perhaps because they trigger a happy memory. We associate the seasons with a distinct set of experiences. For summer, this could be the buzzing of bees, the taste of fresh strawberries, the touch of warm sand; but what scent says ‘summer’ to you?


Summer is also marked by festival season around the world. County fairs, garden shows, and music festivals are an important cultural element of British summertime. What if scent, as well as reminding us of summer, can remind us of a particular, spectacular weekend of our lives? At The Aroma Company, we have allowed this to happen. This summer, at the prestigious Henley Festival, we provided a luxuriously fragranced area, using our diffusion technology, to keep the classy vibe alive all throughout the festival. With our unique and bespoke fragrances, attendees to the Henley Festival were able to enjoy a world of finesse that really smelled the part! We helped to create a wonderful and immersive atmosphere that guests will never forget, fashioning a custom fragrance with the theme of the festival in mind, so that we can now forever remember the ‘scent of Henley’. By scenting the Henley Festival, the joy of summer is enhanced through all the senses. The incorporation of fragrance into the festival world has the unique power to add that little bit of freshness, spice, or flower power, that will keep the magic in the memory, and we are thrilled to be amongst the pioneers of this concept.

Other ideas we have for Summer Events include:

  • Scented Festival Wristbands
  • Scented Tickets
  • Scented Ticketholders
  • Diffusion for specific areas (VIPs, loo areas, bars, food areas etc)
  • Tent Scents (tent air fresheners)
  • Promotional scented cards (brand sponsored)
  • Promotional Scented Poster sites
  • Stickers
  • Scented cup holders