Viktor and Rolf Natural History Museum

Project Details

We jumped at the chance when our clients Kesslers came to us to ask for advice on a scent diffusion request they’d be sent. Arguably the most prolific Christmas spot in London, the Natural History Museums ice rink was having a pink makeover. This years sponsor was Viktor and Rolfs infame flowerbomb, and you can’t have a fragrance company sponsoring without diffusing their scent around the winter wonderland. We created weatherproof boxes that our large nebulisation diffusers were built into, making them safe even if the weather turns. We also sourced the brands fragrance from their perfumer due to our longstanding relationships with the worlds perfumery houses. Not always the easiest task for a brand to source their own undiluted oil, but that’s what we’re here for ? The units were installed through the queuing area, and within the retail hut. The outcome was a beautiful ambient flowerbomb diffusion smelt by all!

  • Client: Viktor and Rolf Fragrances, Kesslers
  • Campaign: Natural History Museum Ice Rink
  • Solution: Diffusion with client fragrance