Odorama is BACK

As part of Scalarama 2014, John Waters’ POLYESTER returns to the big screen, now in ODORAMA once more. Audience members at screenings across the world will receive our special touch to smell cards (scratch ‘n’ sniff) to smell along with the film, which stars Divine as a suburban Baltimore housewife plagued by her philandering husband, perverted offspring and worst of all – bad odours!

To highlight the cinema viewing experience we were approached to create these innovative ‘Odorama’ cards. At ten different points during the film, a number flashes up on screen and viewers are encouraged to smell the corresponding area on their card.

We have created these Odorama cards using our Touch to Smell technology (an advanced version of scratch and sniff) Just touching or gently rubbing the numbered areas releases smells ranging from roses to skunk, pizza to flatulence! (We do not advise scratching with a coin like participants in the video!)

There are screenings throughout the UK at Picturehouse cinemas all throughout September starting today (11/09/2014). Go and check it out where it’s playing near you http://screeningfilm.com/tagged/scalarama-core-polyester