Odorama movie cards brought back to life!

In 1981, the comedy film Polyester was released.

The leading character, Francine (played by Divine), has a particularly keen sense of smell and aromas in general are a running theme throughout the movie.

To highlight this, the writer & director, John Waters enhanced the cinema viewing experience by providing the audience with ‘Odorama’ cards.

At ten different points during the film, a number flashed up on screen and viewers were encouraged to smell the corresponding area on their card.

On the 9th of March 2013, Polyester is being shown as part of the Offscreen film festival in Belgium.

John Waters’ The Filthy World with Polyester screening

Odourama cards have been reproduced by Midnight Movies (late night films for after dark people) and The Aroma Company’s Touch to Smell technology. Touch to Smell is an advanced version of scratch and sniff. Just touching or gently rubbing the numbered areas releases smells ranging from roses to skunk, pizza to flatulence!

Reprinted Polyester cards (front and reverse).

The Odorama cards were first recreated by The Aroma Company for Midnight Movie’s 30th anniversary rescreening of Polyester at the Edinburgh International Film festival in 2011.

Polyester audience with Odorama cards

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Midnight Movies will also be touring, in the UK, with Polyester viewings in autumn 2013. Sign up with them to be the first to hear of screenings near you!

Recreating the aromas of the cards has been a challenge that we are very proud to be a part of.

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