Godiva: Creations Pralines

Yum Yum Yum. The girls in the office were very excited when this project landed in front of them.

Back in the spring Godiva approached us with a task of helping them launch their new Praline Creations chocolates.

The team at Godiva were looking for an exciting display to make the new delicious pralines be seen (believe me they deserve to be noticed!). Not only were we planning on producing our infamous poparoma devices, aromawobblers, and a brochure- we also had the delightful task of matching the fragrances of 4 of the key chocolates.

Well safe to say- the key idea works- the smell of chocolate makes you want to eat some. We matched the smells of ‘Hazelnut Praline’ ‘Almond & Vanilla Praline’, ‘Salted Pecan Praline’ and ‘Almond Praline’ and the lab team made the office salivate with the smells for 2 weeks whilst the aroma lingered around the office.

Godiva were pleased with the results so the end products are some fab infused aromawobblers, fun poparoma, and a great touch to smell brochure which contains the aroma and info on the new pralines.

Godiva close  upGodiva Chocolates


Look out for the promotion near you, enjoy sniffing and then enjoy stuffing your face with these yummy new chocolates.

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