If you’re a novice at whisky buying, then you’ll enter the whisky department of any store and realise that there are more different whiskys than a normal brain can handle! It’s a mind field of confusion and excitement.

The difference in whisky notes are astounding- and we at the aroma company regularly work with whisky/drinks brands to create fragrance for use in tastings and ‘nosing tables’ to differentiate between bottles.

At the end of 2015 we were approached by a fabulous agency called ‘Circle Square’ to add the scent element into an install they were creating for Glendullan (Diageo) in an airport lounge.

This was the most complex whisky project we have ever worked on as all parties involved were keen to get the notes completely accurate. The idea behind the installation is to help novice whisky shoppers differentiate the many different variations to find the right one for them. So along with a fabulous visual display- our scents are being used so the consumers can be encouraged to get the product that complements their preferences rather than walking away confused and whisky less!

Circle square had sourced a fantastic product for consumers to be able to test the scents and they are what can only be described as ‘ceramic sticks’ that are infused with our fragrance oils.

We’re looking forward to seeing picture of the finished install!

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