Celebrating the wonderful world of whisky!

So, we don’t claim to be whisky experts but to celebrate World Whisky Day we have put together this little overview of how adding an aromatic element to a whisky’s brand marketing plan, can lift communication to a new level.

The sense of smell is so important in the whole whisky tasting experience. Your nose will discern more subtleties than your palate can.

Whilst it is not possible to exactly match a whisky’s aroma personality (because the individual whisky’s aromatic nuances can’t be captured accurately enough), there are multiple ways to incorporate aromas in interesting and innovative ways, to really engage consumers.

Celebrate the aromatic qualities of the region of production

Production regions are diverse and incredibly interesting. Floras, cereals, fruits, smokiness, etc can all be demonstrated under this category.

Use aromas to differentiate your whisky personality, to reflect these distinctive regional variations.

Educate on the elements of the production process

Wonderful aromas can be found in the production process; everything from peat in the malting process, to the nature of the wood used during maturation.

Processes and techniques vary greatly between distilleries, leading to the huge diversity of available flavours.  Demonstrating production elements through aroma in educational communication, adds a key sensory dimension.

Highland park Touch to Smell handout - four differing aromas.

Highland park Touch to Smell handout – four differing aromas.

Key ingredients and tasting notes

With so many amazing whisky choices, it can be hard navigating the tasting arena, especially for novices.

Providing key tasting notes in aromatic form allows people to identify different whisky differentials, especially when an actual tasting sample is unavailable. It also allows the more familiar purchaser to try new flavours or an alternative brand similar in acquired taste.

This is where we can claim expertise; helping you choose the best method to meet your communication needs!

With our range of solutions, aromas can be incorporated into your plans in a large variety of ways. Tapping into our knowledge will ensure you create the effect you are aiming for.

Our library of aromas is extensive and ever changing, enabling us to fulfill your requirements easily.

Previous whisky projects we have worked on include; aromas into visitor centres, direct mail, point of sale, duty free displays, out of home advertising, trade sampling packs and expert-led tasting activities.

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