Building Memories

Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts

This year Father’s Day, in the UK, is on Sunday June 21st.

For many of you when thinking about your dad, in your list of memories or thoughts there is probably an associated aroma; a cologne, aftershave or moisturiser, soap or body wash, a food or drink item etc.

If you were exposed to that aroma right now, your memories or thoughts would become clearer, more intense.

Surround me in the smell of a particular citrus body wash or passing someone in a pub with a sweet whisky, brings a smile to my face and my dad’s face to my mind….

Ok, back to the day job!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, and the above products being key items on the list of popular presents, are you doing everything possible to help build these types of long lasting memories and associations for your brand?

Does your marketing mix include an aroma sampling option?

Our aromatic solutions have been accepted into all the major supermarkets and high street health and beauty retailers. We have a wide range of options which can be tailored to every budget.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving it too late for Father’s Day – pick up the phone now and talk to us about the simple ways that your product’s fragrance or aroma can be incorporated into your promotional plans. Tel: 01491 835510 or email us on


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