Aromas printed in magazines: you know it makes ‘sense’!

 The September issue of Sainsbury’s magazine featured a launch advertisement for new Velvet Almond Milk toilet tissue.

A key attribute of this new Velvet, is the almond milk aroma. This product feature is demonstrated using a tip-on (which is a separate fragranced card that is adhered to the magazine page) scented using Aroma Co’s “Touch to Smell” technology (an advanced version of scratch and sniff; just gently rubbing the scented area releases a generous amount of aroma to sample). 

Scented magazine tip-on for Velvet Almond milk toilet tissue.

Why advertise in magazines?

There are a number of well researched benefits to general magazine advertising including (source of the following):
• The targeting of specific consumer demographics
• Magazines are kept for a longer period of time than e.g. newspapers or direct mail.
• There is a high reader involvement in the magazine especially as magazines are so tactile.
• Readers give commitment to their magazines. Substantial time is spent thoroughly reading them. Copies tend to be read repeatedly, often picked up more than once during a day and on multiple days.
• TV campaigns can be enhanced by combining with magazine advertising. Magazine adverts can convey information that is not possible during the TV commercial.
• A print advertisement can be studied for as long as the reader wants, and repeatedly too.

Why does the inclusion of aroma, enhance magazine advertising?

Smell is captured in the oldest part of the brain, the limbic system, which is responsible for memories, and triggers an emotional rather than rational response (memories of aromas, over time, gain an emotional attachment).

The sense of smell is also intrinsically linked to the sense of taste. According to Dr Alan Hirsch of the Taste Treatment & Research Foundation, 90% of what is perceived as taste is actually the sense of smell.

Whilst perfume adverts are the most common form of scented magazine ads, any brand where a key attribute is the smell or taste can use Touch to Smell to showcase it’s aroma within an advertisement.

For instance, in the same Sainsbury’s magazine there are thirteen other advertisements that could have been enhanced through the use of The Aroma Co’s print solutions (obvious adverts that could have used Touch to Smell include a washing powder, chocolate products, a fruit brand, body washes, various flavoured beverages, ice-cream etc).

So, how could scented magazine advertising enhance your magazine creative?

The benefits of enhancing magazine adverts with a scent:
• Printed smells attract additional attention to the advertisement (one study indicated 78% weighting for a print ad with fragrance sample, compared with 9% and 10% for straight print ad and TV ad respectively.)
• Providing the opportunity to sample an aroma in a consumer’s own home often affords a more considered analysis of the aroma, and their views of it.
• The call to action of e.g. rub to release the aroma is an invitation to encourage interaction; something tactile that just has to be touched.
• TV advertising often provides information on the aroma or taste of a product, but until smell-o-vision is available, touch to smell in magazines offers a simple and effective way of demonstrating the aroma in the consumers own home!
• Touch to smell provides immediate sensory gratification and the sampling opportunity draws the reader closer to the advertiser
• Touch to Smell technology has the benefit of allowing multiple sampling opportunities; it is the action of rubbing the scented area that releases the aroma. The scented area can therefore be rubbed multiple times over a period of time, before the aroma is completely removed.
• There are various creative ways that Touch to Smell can be used; the whole or part of the actual magazine page can be scented, tip-ons adhered to the magazine page (square or die-cut to shape), scented inserts and onserts and magazine wrap-arounds (belly bands). Multiple aromas can also be demonstrated e.g. if there is more than one aroma in a product range.
• The brand’s own fragrance or flavouring can be used. A suitable smell from our library can be chosen or we can create a bespoke aroma that matches your product.

So what are you waiting for? We offer a full printing service, so give us a call to discuss how your brands can be enhanced through scent marketing +44 (0)1491 835510.